Mined Out

Originally published to this website in September 2003, Mined Out was my second attempt at a Flash game, and is inspired by an old ZX Spectrum game of the same name, published by Quiksilva in 1983.

The original Mined Out is credited as being the inspiration for Relentless Logic, which in turn inspired the development of Windows Minesweeper.

My version of the game is slightly different to the original, but the gameplay remains largely the same.

To guide Melvin across the minefield, use your arrow keys. Your mine detector (top right) will beep and show you how many mines are immediately adjacent to you. Use logic to reach the other side. The very top and bottom of each minefield are safe zones, and are completely clear of mines.

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Simon the Fabulously Illuminated Kitten


Fenton! Fentooon! Jesus Christ!

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  1. TCK

    Hi there I just make a remake of this awesome game for Android, if anyone would like to check it out the link is here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tcksoft.minedout

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