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Gaming, and those things that stay with you

As people that know me will already know, I’m a gamer. These days, it has to be said, probably more of a ‘casual’ gamer than the hardcore staying-up-until-3am gamer. Age, and indeed, life, catches up with us all eventually.

As you might expect for nearly 35 years of playing video games, there have been some memories that have really impacted me in one way or another, whether it be for comedy value, poignancy, sheer terror or simply just raw enjoyment. So I thought I’d write about a few of them before April 2024 expires and I fail at my not-so-strict-goal of writing at least one post on here every month.

Nostalgia Alert!

I’m currently in the process of putting as much of the extraneous possessions I’ve acquired over the years on to eBay.

One of these items is my old 32″ television, which we definitely no longer need as we have an LG 37-incher in the living room and no real room for any other TVs anywhere else.

Unfortunately, the TV is quite old and doesn’t have an in-built Freeview tuner, so without being paired with a set-top box it’s not much use as a TV. This meant that to show it worked on the eBay listing, I had to come up with some other video source.

What better than my good old Sinclair Spectrum 48K? Yup, the one and only original squidgeboard

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