So, Jem has gone down to Brighton today as tomorrow is the BrightonSEO conference, in which she intends to network and learn some more stuff about the dark art that is search engine optimisation.

After she’s finished in Brighton tomorrow, she’ll be heading up to Gloucester to see friends and take part in the Highnam Great Court Run, a new 10K running race. I’m supposed to be going down to Gloucester tomorrow evening to meet up with everyone, and then I’m supposed to be taking part in a 5K running race at the same event.

However, my back problems continue unabated despite a session with an osteomyologist last night. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t run as I may possibly do my back further damage, so I’m not going to run. The problem that I find myself with now is that, as Jem has driven her Jazz down to Brighton, I have two choices of vehicle for the journey tomorrow – the LEAF, or the Celica.

The LEAF should, in theory at least, make the trip easily – it’s a 65 mile journey from Broseley, so in theory if I stop off at the Telford services at Junction 4 on the M54, I can topup my battery to 80% using the Ecotricity rapid charger there. That should give me a range of approximately 70 miles. I can potentially topup at Frankley services on the M5, followed by Gloucester services further down – but the viability of the entire journey relies somewhat on these chargers being operable, as there will be no means of charging the car at my destination (lack of parking near to the house.)

If I don’t want to risk running out of electrons on the side of the motorway, I could always go in the Celica.

Jem told me earlier that she had the key to the Celica in her bag with her in Brighton, so unless I can find my spare key, that option’s out. Even if I can find the spare key, I’m not sure I’d want to drive the Celica as the ride height of the car makes it very difficult (and painful) for me to get in and out of it when my back is like it is.

I wonder how many miles I could get out of a full battery if I drove at 45mph the entire way…