YAY! It’s Septemblog!

My rather lovely partner Jem has a long list of thirty things that she wants to do before she turns the ripe old age of thirty. Given that this event occurs near the start of January, she’s fast running out of time to Get. Stuff. Done.

One of the things on the list, as you’ll have no doubt spotted if you’ve bothered to click that link up there, is for her to write a blog post every day for a single month. Apparently, in her younger years she was quite a prolific blogger and gained quite a following, so you’d think that blogging every day for a month would pose no problem.

Nevertheless, she has asked her friends to join her in this endeavour as a means of drumming up support, and seeing as how a) I’m her partner, and b) I am absolutely, beyond appallingly bad at keeping this blog up to date, I figured I should probably have a stab at it myself. She’s calling this idea "Septemblog."*

So, what can I blog about? Well, a surprising amount – there’s always something going on, and usually it’s only my assumption that no-one would be interested in hearing about it that prevents me from spewing forth a mountain of words on to the screen.

One idea would be for me to write an in-depth review of every car I’ve ever owned, which would take me up to September 23rd (not including today) – but that’s a bit of a cop out, and I’m not entirely sure I could summon the enthusiasm to write an in-depth review about the death trap Ford Fiesta Popular Plus that my Dad bought for me as a 17th birthday present. I expect there will be a few car-related posts along the way, though.

Video games are also another popular topic, and with some nice releases in September and Coming Soonâ„¢ there’s probably some stuff to be going on with there – and that’s not even counting the game that I’m working on myself. (No, it’s not another Alien Pong Trilogy – Ed.)

There’ll be tales of terror as I come to terms with moving out of my own house and into a house filled with the laughter and pitter-patter of tiny feet, something of an alien concept to me but one I’ve had to get rapidly acquainted with.

I’m sure I’ll think of other stuff to go along with it, but hopefully there’ll be nothing too clickbait-y and certainly nothing too Daily Mail-y.

Wish me luck!

* I originally suggested that she call it "Blog September", but then realised that this would be a little bit too close to "Black September" and would therefore be a constant reminder of the terrorist incident that took place at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, a topic that I’ve had a morbid fascination with since hearing of it when I was a teenager, but not really suitable for a lighthearted blogging escapade.


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  1. surely by the end of the month you’ll have bought and sold at least 3 more cars anyway 😛

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