iPhone 5 Confusion – A Balls Up!

If you read my post from this morning about my confusion ordering an iPhone 5, you’ll perhaps have noticed similar posts appearing on various technology/Apple blogs around the globe.

This morning, Apple’s store clearly stated that iPhone 5 orders would receive a bundled 30-pin to Lightning adapter. They even went as far as to suggest that you could purchase an additional adapter to ensure that you had “a second adapter for your home or office.” That’s pretty conclusive as wording goes, there can be no argument that it meant something else.

It seems that Apple’s website was mistaken, and that new iPhone 5 orders will NOT be shipping with the 30-pin connector to Lightning adapter after all. Their website has now changed to reflect this new state of affairs as well.

This creates an interesting situation for UK customers, as the UK’s Sale of Goods Act is quite clear about what Apple’s options in this scenario.

Many people may not even have noticed the wording on the page that implies they receive a free adapter, so for those people things won’t be any different. For those like me, however, Apple essentially have two options:

  1. Include the adapter for free.
  2. Give me a full refund and cancel the order.

The latter option is what I’m expecting Apple to do, although you would hope that for the sake of their reputation it would be better for them to throw in the adapter – it may cost £25, but it presumably costs nowhere near that amount to manufacture on the scale they will be.

Cancelling orders may very well foul their reputation and cause those who ordered phones to not bother putting another order in, which would obviously have far higher effects on their revenue stream.

Apple are unlikely (in my opinion) to just include adapters in each order, as those people that didn’t spot the incorrect wording would be none the wiser and wouldn’t kick up a stink about it.

I suspect what they’ll do is send the phones out sans adapter, wait for the inevitable complaints from the customers and then ship the adapters out individually to those that complain.

Or at least, that’s what I hope they’ll do…


iPhone 5 Confusion


Jog on!

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  1. I like Iphone, I ‘m using iPhone for years but today I’ve a quick look to Lumia and it was amazing 🙂

    I am not sure if I ‘m going for Iphone5 or Lumia 920…

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