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iPhone 5 Confusion – A Balls Up!

If you read my post from this morning about my confusion ordering an iPhone 5, you’ll perhaps have noticed similar posts appearing on various technology/Apple blogs around the globe.

This morning, Apple’s store clearly stated that iPhone 5 orders would receive a bundled 30-pin to Lightning adapter. They even went as far as to suggest that you could purchase an additional adapter to ensure that you had "a second adapter for your home or office." That’s pretty conclusive as wording goes, there can be no argument that it meant something else.

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iPhone 5 Confusion

After Wednesday’s announcement of the hotly-anticipated (and widely leaked) iPhone 5, pre-orders opened today on the Apple Store websites around the world.

Despite saying that I wasn’t going to buy one, I have indeed caved and bought one – but only because I know I can sell my 4S for a substantial chunk of the cost of the 5, thus making it an almost-free upgrade. A no brainer really.

But whilst placing my order on the Apple site, I found myself getting very confused about just what was going to be included in my package…

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Guided Access in iOS6 Beta

One of the features that stood out to me during the iOS 6 announcement at the recent Apple WWDC 2012 conference was Guided Access.I’ve had to develop a few web applications for use on iPads and other iOS devices that are designed exclusively for use in kiosks or similar setups, and Guided Access sounded a bit like a "kiosk mode" – similar to the iPads you see in Apple Stores demonstrating product features.

The feature didn’t seem to work at all in the first release of iOS6 beta, but the update to beta 2 has given some insight into its operation now, and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed.

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