A multi-faceted post, this. Firstly, a little rant about Birmingham City Centre.

This isn’t really the fault of the city or the city council or anything, it’s more the fault of the developers of the building that houses the Cineworld IMAX complex in Birmingham’s Broad Street.

I went there last Sunday to watch Jurassic Park in 3D, and despite having a sat-nav that dropped me pretty much right at the door, it was not immediately obvious where the place was. I ended up parking in the multi-storey car park a short walk away from the entrance to the cinema, and was lucky to find it. Make it more obvious, put some road signs up or something, at least.

(the film was great, incidentally – I can’t tell that those special effects are 20 years old, they look much better than most modern special effects, probably because they weren’t all done on a computer that can’t do lighting conditions properly without making everything look like it’s made out of PVC.)

Secondly, who would have guessed that Birmingham City football club would thrash Swansea City 3 – 1 on Tuesday night? Admittedly, out of the five bets that I ran in my previous post, Swansea weren’t the only ones that let me down, but they were certainly the most surprising.

So, my experiment is off to a poor start – who could have seen that coming? (where’s that SarcMark when you need it.)

Bet Two

So, the second bet in my experiment is now ready to run. All of these matches are based around League One, and take place tomorrow.

  1. Rotherham United vs Peterborough United – Peterborough United to win
  2. Bristol City vs Colchester United – Colchester United to win
  3. Bradford City vs Shrewsbury Town – Bradford City to win
  4. Carlisle United vs Notts County – Carlisle United to win

If they all come off, the estimated return for my £1 stake is £32.79, which would give me £16.39 to play with on the next bet.

Current Status: Down £1.00