I could wax lyrical here about how terrible Internet Explorer was (and is.)

However, in all honesty, Internet Explorer 9 (and the current release version, IE 10) is so far ahead of it’s predecessors that it would be a waste of bandwidth to criticise it extensively. The sooner that those who insist on using IE upgrade to 9/10, the better.

Nevertheless, I found myself having to clear the browser cache in Internet Explorer 9 just the other day. I dutifully brought up the relevant option dialog, seen here:

Oh dear. All of these options – except the first one – require you to tick the box to delete those files from the browser’s cache. The first option requires you to tick the box if you want to keep the files.

It could be worse – the first option is separated from the others by a divider, but if you’re speed-reading (as I tend to, as I’m sure many others do) there’s very little indication that the tickboxes mean different things.

At least there’s nothing there that constitutes a disaster if the data is deleted, I suppose.