This is my poky little corner of the Internet. Originally started in 1999 (my website that is, not the Internet) it took on many forms – until 2005, when I lost enthusiasm for my own Internet presence and simply stopped updating it.

This is my (not quite as successful as I’d hoped) attempt at getting some of that enthusiasm back. Enjoy!


The experiment does continue…

Despite the large length of time between updates, my betting experiment does continue – so far I’ve not actually won anything (shock!) but I’ve got another four bets to do to meet the requirements of the original scheme.

The last update saw me putting bets on various Champions League matches – and funnily enough, I got 3 out of the 4 results correct – it was only Manchester United drawing with Shakhtar Donetsk that cost me the win on that occasion.

After that, it was bets on four international matches (I think they were friendlies, but I can’t remember for sure) and again, it was 3 out of 4 correct.

I then deviated from the pattern slightly and placed six bets on a single accumulator. This time, I got 4 correct.

I have since left it for a bit while I concentrate on other things, but the remaining four bets will be concluded in the New Year – where I hope to actually bloody win something.


Birmingham, bloody Birmingham!

Who would have guessed that Birmingham City football club would thrash Swansea City 3 – 1 on Tuesday night? Admittedly, out of the five bets that I ran in my previous post, Swansea weren’t the only ones that let me down, but they were certainly the most surprising.

So, my experiment is off to a poor start – who could have seen that coming? (where’s that SarcMark when you need it.)

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Place your bets!

manchesterderbyYesterday, inspired by a work colleague and dreams of riches beyond my wildest dreams (!) I placed an accumulator bet for the first time in my life.

For those unaccustomed to betting, as I was, the principle behind an acculumator is simple – you place a series of bets (minimum of 4, apparently) and put a single stake on all of them together.

If you win all of the bets, you win the combined return of all of the odds together (although the maths to work it out is something that eludes me at 9am in the morning.)

If even just one of the bets doesn’t win, you get nothing.

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Fenton in the garden

With the very un-British weather we’ve been having, we’ve recently started letting the cats outside. Nutmeg is happier with the choice, but doesn’t seem too bothered about the outside world – she’ll spend a little while out in the garden (10-15 minutes at most) and then come back in and go to sleep on her […]

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A Brief History of Wheels (2004-2014)

UPDATED: March 1, 2014

I’ve been told that I change cars more often than some people change their pants, so I thought I’d drop a post on here about my car history over the last 9 years.

I learned to drive in 2002, but failed my first driving test (it was an intensive driving course, all done within a week, and I didn’t have enough "on-road" experience to handle all situations, which led to some stupid errors) and couldn’t afford to continue with it until 2004, although I kept up private practice with my partner at the time supervising in the snot green 1.0L Nissan Micra that she had.

Although I passed in August 2004, it wasn’t until November that I bought my first car. If you want to get technical though, my first car actually arrived 5 years earlier. It was a 1.1L Ford Fiesta Popular Plus bought for me for £50 by my Dad…

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