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Having a clear out…

It looks as if Alex and I will be moving house very shortly, we’ve put an application in for a new house to rent and assuming that’s all approved we should be in within a month.

The new house doesn’t have quite as big a driveway as the one we’re in at the moment, but does have three very important features:

  1. A much, much, MUCH smaller garden.
  2. A carport.
  3. A garage.

The first one is excellent news, as mowing the lawns here is an exercise in frustration – there’s so much grass that by the time you finish cutting one lawn the other lawns have grown so high you can’t cut through it again!

The carport and garage are also good news, I can put the Celica in the garage and have the M5 and possibly Alex’s Yaris out in the carport, if they’ll both fit.

In anticipation of the move, I’m having a bit of a clear out. Almost anything that I don’t need any more or is considered otherwise non-essential is going to end up on eBay, unless the suspected gains from it would render it pointless.

This includes the cars.

Now that I have the M5, I’ve decided that I really don’t need all of the other cars. I don’t think I could ever bring myself to get rid of the Celica though, so I’ve put the MR2 Turbo and MX-5 on eBay, with the BMW 735 to follow just as soon as I’ve picked it back up from the dealer in Harrogate that I collected the M5 from.

So, feel free to check in at my eBay selling page and see what goodies I’m getting rid of, you may just bag yourself a bargain…


Merge in turn!

Every morning on the drive in to work, I’m amazed at the number of drivers who are seemingly incapable of grasping the concept of "merge in turn."

For those who’ve never heard of it (perhaps you don’t drive, or are living in a world of blissful ignorance) this is the name given to the optimal method of getting two lanes of traffic need to merge into one lane.

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For the last half an hour, it’s been hailing cats and dogs on-and-off. Not literally, of course – that would be quite ridiculous. But the hail that’s coming down is pretty big. I’m just hoping the hailstones aren’t large enough to dent cars like in this thread on the Pistonheads forums.

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The house that Alex and I are currently renting was put on the for sale market a couple of months ago, effectively telling us that our days in that house were numbered.

That’s probably not such a bad thing though, we are paying a lot for the house we’re in at the moment and the gardens really are unmanageably big.

So, we’re house hunting again.

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And away we go!

So, here we are – my new website is live and ready for human consumption… well, at least I think it is. The last time I updated my web presence was 2007 (hard to believe that that was five years ago) and I’ve pretty much just junked everything from the previous site. I’ll be bringing […]

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Dropbox, Sharing and You

Here’s a lesson for the class – if at any time in the past you have ever shared a folder in your Dropbox, don’t forget that you’ve done it. Otherwise, anything you put in that folder will be beamed across to everyone who’s accessed it, and you might inadvertently give away something secret!

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