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Gallery: Jenny & Arni’s Wedding – 14th July 2012

This weekend saw the marriage between Jenny – one of Alex’s friends from Aberystwyth University – and her partner Arni. The wedding took place at Steventon Church (which, funnily enough, is in Steventon in Oxfordshire) with the reception afterwards being held at the Village Hall in nearby Eynsham. The following day, a get-together and barbecue was had in Ducklington, another nearby village.

Gallery: Spiders

Ever since I were knee ‘igh to a grasshopper, I’ve wanted to keep tarantulas as pets. For some inexplicable reason, my Mum wouldn’t allow it. I dunno, apparently they freaked her out or something, can’t imagine why.

Carlos Sainz lives on

Thanks to mook over at, my GT-Four now looks much, much nicer:

Okay, okay. So, technically Carlos Sainz was most famous for driving the ST185. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure he competitively drove the ST205.

I’d like to think he would have done though, had Toyota not been unceremoniously ejected from the competition for being filthy cheats.

Fenton! Fentooon! Jesus Christ!

Since we moved house in November, Nutmeg has been a little unhappy. Being left on her own for long periods of time (while I was at work) was never ideal, and now with a bigger (and more empty) house I think she’s just not as comfortable.

So, we’ve been out and bought Nutmeg a companion. Say hello to the newest member of the household, Fenton.

You say Ice Cream, I say Gelato

With a day to kill in London, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not going to Harrods and indulging in a far-too-big-to-be-good-for-you glass of Morelli’s gelato.

State Rooms at Chirk Castle

Chirk Castle (which – unsurprisingly – is in Chirk, in Wales) is one of my favourite places to visit. The castle is great, it’s steeped in history and it has the most awesome Castle Gardens I’ve ever seen.

It also has a very nice set of State Rooms that are open to the public for certain periods of the day. This is one of my favourite photos:

The Cabin in the Woods

Spotted this spooky decrepit-looking cabin at Lake Vyrnwy in Wales, and just had to take a photo.

Introducing Nutmeg

I won’t lie, when you’ve been used to living in a fairly packed household consisting of you, your partner and three cats, things start to get a bit lonely when they’ve all gone.

So, to try and combat this problem, I’ve acquired a kitty. Introducing Nutmeg:

A pedigree brown-spotted British Shorthair. 5 years old, and isn’t she a beaut? She’s still quite timid, but I imagine this will change when she gets used to the flat (and me!)

Gallery: Shrewsbury (2002-04)

My home town – Shrewsbury, in Shropshire – remains one of the most picturesque locations I have ever been in. Travelling to the big cities (London, Birmingham or Manchester mainly) always reminds me just how lucky I am to live in a place steeped in as much history as Shrewsbury.

Here are a few photos of my home town, taken between 2002 and 2004.

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