The house that Alex and I are renting was put on the for sale market a couple of months ago, effectively telling us that our days in that house were numbered.

That’s probably not such a bad thing though, we are paying a lot for the house we’re in at the moment and the gardens really are unmanageably big.

So, we’re house hunting again.

First house to see was one a few miles away from our current house, and is next door to some friends of ours. It was quite a nice little house – garage, carport, driveway and a garden that’s big but not too big. More importantly, it was detached. Our friends had put in a word for us, so we had an exclusive first-look before they approached a letting agent.

So we put in an offer slightly lower than their desired rental price. A flat-out rejection followed, so we wished them luck on the rental market and looked elsewhere.

Nothing really stood out, so we contacted them again and offered to pay their original price. They’ve now apparently gone through the letting agent, who has suggested they could get £30 more a month for it and they’ve put the price up accordingly. It’s more than we’re prepared to pay.

So, back to square one then.