This is my poky little corner of the Internet. Originally started in 1999 (my website that is, not the Internet) it took on many forms – until 2005, when I lost enthusiasm for my own Internet presence and simply stopped updating it.

This is my (not quite as successful as I’d hoped) attempt at getting some of that enthusiasm back. Enjoy!


getaddrinfo failed: A non-recoverable error occurred during a database lookup.

I faced an interesting (and by interesting, I mean incredibly frustrating) issue with a client yesterday, who had installed a PHP-based application of mine on their new Windows 7 laptop only to find that it was unable to connect to the MySQL database that powered it.

Testing showed that the connection was indeed failing, with this error being generated:

php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: A non-recoverable error occurred during a database lookup.

I tried various things – forcing Windows to resolve localhost to (rather than ::1) in the hosts file, disabling IPv6 altogether and disabling the anti-virus package (AVG). I even tried installing fresh, bang-up-to-date copies of Apache, PHP and MySQL. Nothing worked – although the hosts file edit did at least change the error message, now it just said "Unknown error" instead – still very helpful.

Bashing my head against a brick wall, I decided to turn off services one by one until the problem changed. So I did, and eventually I got to the services running as part of the AVG CloudCare anti-virus package.

Switching the Cloud Care service off suddenly meant that any pages I tried to load in my web browser were replaced with a silly "Your Cloud Care service is not running!" error message.

I uninstalled AVG Anti-Virus completely (rather than just disabling it) and the problem immediately disappeared.

One to remember!


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