This is my poky little corner of the Internet. Originally started in 1999 (my website that is, not the Internet) it took on many forms – until 2005, when I lost enthusiasm for my own Internet presence and simply stopped updating it.

This is my (not quite as successful as I’d hoped) attempt at getting some of that enthusiasm back. Enjoy!


Games That Never Were: Arena

As some people may know, I’ve dabbled in the world of game development before. I’ve never been particularly good at it, if I’m honest, not really down to anything other than a lack of good ideas, and a lack of time to do any ideas I had justice.

It’s something I keep meaning to have another bash at, not in any serious manner of course, just in a "bedroom programmer" kind of way.

Still, I thought I’d make a post about a game of mine that never quite made it past development. It ranks as the most ambitious game project I ever undertook, and actually got quite far down the line.

The year was 2002, and the game was called Arena: Multiplayer Deathmatch and, as the name suggests, it was an Internet/LAN deathmatch game designed for up to 32 players (although I only ever tested it with 4 or 5 before the project kind of fell by the way side.)


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Gallery: Old and busted, meet new hotness…

No, I’m not talking about switching girlfriends…

For the last year or two I’ve had a Recaro interior from a Mitsubishi Evo IV in my GT-Four. Well, the front seats anyway – the rear seats were facelifted Celica seats, and my door cards had been falling apart.

So, I took the car to a chap up north called Simon, who does a bit of automotive interior trimming in his spare time, under the banner of Hide ‘n’ Seat Interiors. I explained what I wanted, and he obliged for a bargain of a price, at least two thirds cheaper than other companies had quoted me.

The list of work was:

  • New covers for the front seats, black leather with red alcantara centres, and GT-Four logo embroidery in white and red stitching throughout.
  • New covers for the rear seats, the same as the fronts but without the logos.
  • New door card inserts in red alcantara, with black piping and red stitching.
  • Black leather centre armrest cover, with red stitching.
  • Black leather handbrake cover, with red stitching.
  • Black leather gearlever gaiter, with red stitching.
  • Black alcantara covering on the centre console stereo surround and gearstick surround.
  • Black leather sunvisors, with red stitching.
  • Black alcantara covering the window switch panels in the door cards.
  • Black alcantara headlining.

Unfortunately, Simon ran clean out of time (after working all through the night) so was unable to do the sunvisors, window switch panels or headlining, but those will be sorted in the near future!


They’re comin’ out of the goddamn walls, let’s book!

XCOMArthur C. Clarke once said, "Two possibilities exist. Either we are alone in the Universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying."

It’s always been one of my favourite quotations, so it’s rather fitting that it gets a prominent place (right at the start of the intro sequence) to a reimagining of one of my favourite games.

X-COM: UFO Defense (or, to give it its European name, UFO: Enemy Unknown) was developed by the Gollop brothers, Julian and Nick and was released in 1993 by Microprose to an unwitting audience.

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Jog On! – Failure!

After starting so well (I successfully completed Day 1 of Week 2 of the Couch-to-5K programme) I’ve fallen by the way side, as the lack of updates to the blog is testament to. However, it’s not all my fault. I’ve had a ridiculously busy (and in some ways, depressing) last couple of months, and have […]

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