This is my poky little corner of the Internet. Originally started in 1999 (my website that is, not the Internet) it took on many forms – until 2005, when I lost enthusiasm for my own Internet presence and simply stopped updating it.

This is my (not quite as successful as I’d hoped) attempt at getting some of that enthusiasm back. Enjoy!


A new arrival!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve become bored of the Celica T-Sport, 190bhp is nice but the constant need to work the engine to get it soon gets old.

So, I’ve swapped it for this!

A 1995 Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST205) – 255bhp as standard, and I don’t know whether to keep it standard or not.


Repaired and good to go!

It’s taken a while to scrape together the money for it, but I’ve finally managed to save enough to get the damage to the T-Sport repaired.

The work has been carried out by Steve at SHC Autobodies in Shrewsbury, and he’s done a great job, so thanks to him for that.

The problem now is, I’ve been finding the car a bit boring to drive as of late. Will I never be happy?