About Me

Well, I'm GazChap. That isn't my real name (D'uh - Ed) but an alias that came about in 1998. It's stuck with me ever since, and it is still relatively unique on this big old Internet. I chose it simply because my real name can be shortened to "Gaz" (and in fact, I prefer it when it is) and I am a chap.

My real name is just as boring as the alias: Gareth Griffiths. Pretty normal really, as names go. There's no "Gustav Alabaster III" here.

I'm 32 years old, with a birthday in early September. This makes me a Virgo, if you're into that sort of thing. Thankfully, I'm not.

Born and bred in Shrewsbury (the county town of Shropshire) I honestly don't know if I could ever leave the place - it's just so picturesque, and I'm always discovering something new about the town. For example, one of my favourite bits of trivia about Shrewsbury is that we have the tallest town crier in the world - Martin Wood, who stands at a massive 7'2" tall - and that's without heels!

What makes me tick?

Outside of my job (web development) my main interest and hobby is target shooting. It's usually around this point that people say "Oh my god, he's a gun nut!" and run away, which is understandable - if a bit depressing.

My principle disciplines are 10 metre air rifle and 6 yard bell target. With the latter, I shoot in an annual pub league (for the Telepost Rifle & Pistol Club in Shrewsbury, fact fans) which keeps me occupied on a Tuesday night. It helps that I'm pretty good, too.

When I'm not shooting or working, I can usually be found doing something related to cars. I'm very much a petrolhead, although it wasn't until fairly recently (2008-ish) that I started thinking of cars as more than metal boxes to get you from A to B. I change cars almost as often as I change my underpants, and plenty of information about them can be found on this blog.

I also like to dabble in photography, and although I'm still very distinctly amateur, people do tell me I have a good eye for a photo. Up until November 2012, I used a Nikon D80 dSLR for most of my shots. I've now upgraded to a Nikon D7000, which is far superior in almost every respect. The camera on my iPhone 5S is pretty good and comes in handy for "snap shooting" - as they say, the best camera is the one that you have with you, and my phone goes with me everywhere.

I've got a question for you...

Well, shoot. Contact me and ask away. I'll answer anything. Seriously, anything. I'm one of these weird people that has no secrets at all (Oh yeah? What about that time you... *urk* - Ed)

I'll even post any interesting questions (and their answers) on this blog.