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My Old Game Reviews

I've been programming these computer-ma-whatsits since the tender age of 6, when my Dad brought home from work a Sinclair Spectrum 48K.

Well, I say that, but my time with that machine was somewhat limited as I had two brothers living at home then as well, Bob and Mike, and they were even more interested in this alien bit of kit than I was, both of them being nearly 10 years older than I was.

Nevertheless, that lovely old squidgeboard was my introduction to the world of computer programming. 48K Sinclair BASIC isn't exactly a powerhouse of a language, but it was more than enough for my tiny brain.

I never really managed to do anything particularly great with it though - it was only after I'd migrated to the Commodore Amiga that I started really digging my teeth into the biscuit that was creating my own computer programs. Initially I used AMOS BASIC, followed by AMOS Professional, and ended up using Blitz Basic 2.

Using AMOS/AMOS Pro, I created a number of games for the Amiga that I released on Aminet in the mid-to-late 90s. At the time, I was a subscriber to Amiga Format, and they ran a seemingly popular "Reader Games" segment - kind of like Readers' Wives, but (certainly the first couple of times) making myself look more of a tit. Naturally I submitted my games for review in this magazine section.

I present these reviews to you now, for you to make up your own mind. They're in the order of publication.


Amiga Format #97 (May 1997) - Alien Pong Trilogy (no, I don't know either)


Amiga Format #102 (October 1997) - Alien Pong Trilogy 2 (Pong Harder?)


Amiga Format #103 (November 1997) - Shoot Out (I still like this idea)


Amiga Format #107 (February 1998) - Shoot Out 2 (I like my sequels)


Amiga Format #135 (April 2000) - Shoot Out 2000 (Why 2K? Let's run this into the ground!)

Amiga Format ceased publication after the following issue, #136. Obviously this was nothing to do with me, but I still feel a little bit guilty.


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Christ, it's been ages since I last posted anything worthwhile on here, which is amusing as my life has changed quite considerably since the last "real" content post.

Although, in the spirit of the previous clickbait post...

I'll get around to posting some proper content very soon.