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Gallery: Vic & Phil's Wedding - 26th May 2013

A nice local wedding this time around - a day spent at the Lion Quays hotel and spa near Oswestry for the wedding of one of Alex's university-pals - Vic - and her partner, Phil.

With some surprisingly good weather considering it was a Bank Holiday weekend, the day went pretty much as well as anyone could have hoped - no mishaps or problems along the way! Typically when I go to a wedding at least someone gets a broken arm or a fire alarm goes off or something similar, so it's a nice change to not require a call to 999 at any point throughout the day.

I took my camera with me, as ever, and snapped a few shots. Well, I say a few - it actually turned out to be 210 photos, not including any of the evening reception (as my camera battery had run out - schoolboy error!)

I've whittled this down to 86 photos, but I have to admit I'm not overly happy with some of them - I used my 18-55mm kit lens for most of the day, I should have stuck to my 50mm prime for better quality.

Ah well, it was a super day anyway - delightful company in wonderful surroundings. Can't ask for more really, can you?


A Brief History of Wheels (2004-2014)

UPDATED: March 1, 2014

I've been told that I change cars more often than some people change their pants, so I thought I'd drop a post on here about my car history over the last 9 years.

I learned to drive in 2002, but failed my first driving test (it was an intensive driving course, all done within a week, and I didn't have enough "on-road" experience to handle all situations, which led to some stupid errors) and couldn't afford to continue with it until 2004, although I kept up private practice with my partner at the time supervising in the snot green 1.0L Nissan Micra that she had.

Although I passed in August 2004, it wasn't until November that I bought my first car. If you want to get technical though, my first car actually arrived 5 years earlier. It was a 1.1L Ford Fiesta Popular Plus bought for me for £50 by my Dad...

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